Methods of making money online

Do you want to start an online business, but can’t really think of a good idea?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the choices available and all the different ways to make money on the Internet, as you can find on

These are very normal feelings.

A few years ago I felt the same way. Everyone must pass through this stage if they want to learn something new.



You will discover where people are willing to pay by looking at what is already being sold.

You probably thought competition was bad and that you should avoid markets with too much competition, but that is not so. Competition means that there is demand to offer your internet company.

There is usually a reason why some markets have little or no competition. so beware.

You must also keep in mind what you enjoy doing. That means you have to look at the intersection between what you enjoy doing and are good at, and where people are willing to pay.

Let’s enumerate a few examples of potential businesses that may be suitable:

– Investors learn how to invest successfully in the stock market.

– Lonely men learn the skills to meet women and to arrange a date.

– Simple and make healthy recipes for people who want to lose weight, but have little time to stand in the kitchen.

– A course to learn to play guitar in a month.

– Writers help to overcome their “writers block” and be more productive.

I would still like to enumerate a whole number of suitable problems …

People have problems. You can start a successful internet business if you can provide a solution to these problems.

I realize that it is not so easy for everyone to instantly have a very clear picture of the problem they want to solve their internet business.

That’s fine. The solution is to nevertheless take action. It will all be automatically clearer as you progress.

What do you do after you’ve identified a problem?

Let’s look at that.



Once you have an issue in mind, it is time to set up a website to attract visitors.

You can, for example somewhere in your neighborhood hold a workshop.

Or you can attend a networking event in your sector.

You can also focus on obtaining online visitors and customers. There are many ways to get visitors to your website.

Remember you only just have begun. All information is probably quite overwhelming. That is normal. It is also the reason why many people give up, but you have to focus on taking small steps.

Once you have your website online and get visitors to your website, your journey has begun. There are a lot of other things you will need to think about:

– Building an email list of people who want to hear from you.

– Producing content for your website that will attract visitors and customers.

– Finding out what products or services best solve the problems of your visitors and therefore will sell best.

– Discover what pitfalls you should avoid so you do not waste years to find out everything yourself.

There is much to learn in order to build a successful Internet business and earn money on the Internet. That’s why I built this site. Here you can find everything to make money on the internet with their own website or blog.


But to start you do not have too much need. Here’s what most people never tell you:



You do not have to quit your job. It is not necessary to take great risks by entering your fixed monthly income.

You can start an internet business in your spare time and see how it evolves.

You also need to decide for yourself what feels right for you. I can give you all kinds of tips, but they will not all work equally well for you. You need to bring out which internet marketing techniques work best for your internet business.

You do not learn how to cycle through there just to follow a theoretical course. Sooner or later you still will itself have to crawl on the bike to try out the tips you have learned.

You will fall a few times. You might even walk a few scrapes, but eventually you will succeed.

Does this mean that you can stop better to learn things about starting an internet business?

Not at all. But you have to stop to learn a lot at once.

You need to learn what you need to take action in order to take the next step, then you must perform.

Through this website I want to give you enough information each time to take the next step and help you with the obstacles you encounter along the way.



The biggest obstacle that many start Internet entrepreneurs encounter is not lack of information but himself.

Many Internet entrepreneurs start excuses why they cannot start.

Maybe it’s the fact that they already have a full time job and have more at the end of the day no energy to start an internet business.

Maybe it’s that they are not 100% sure what their passion or what problem they can solve their internet business.

It can be anything.

But these are all excuses that you have to pierce!

The truth is that it takes an effort to build a successful internet business and make money on the internet. It is impossible to advance anything to have been thought out perfectly and all your possible questions already have a perfect answer.

The important thing is to start and start experimenting.

You must be willing to start before you’re 100% ready.

Not every step will be easy, but once you have started, you will gain extra motivation from your first successes, and you can further learn what you need to know to take the next step.