Smart steps to successfully secure the funds for your business

Do you need funding for your business? There are several ways to get the fund you need for your business expansion. Here are a few steps.

Follow these methods to improve your chances of successfully securing the financing you seek.

Step 1: Have a Written Business Plan

Very few financial institutions will borrow you money if you don’t have an updated business plan that clearly explains how you’ll use the money and how you’ll pay it back.

A viable business plan is the foundation for securing financing for your business. Make sure your business plan is up to date and that it explains why you need additional funding.

Step 2: Know What Type of Financing is Available to You

  1. Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping means finding the solutions within your company to come up with additional finances. You can look at ways at reducing your expenses so that you can use your profits or retained earnings to grow your business, instead of borrowed money.

  1. Tapping into Private Sources

You can use your personal savings, credit cards, lines of credit, or personal loans to finance your growth, as you might have done during start-up. You can also ask friends and family to help finance your expansion plans. Be sure to keep them informed of how you are using their funds, and set up a repayment schedule.

  1. Finding Investors or Other Equity Partners

Are you willing to share the ownership of your business? If so, you can look into finding equity investors to finance your business growth.

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